About Us

What is Eunimity?
Inspired by the Ancient Greek philosophy, Eunimity is represented by the combination of the words ‘eunoia’ and ‘equanimity’. Eunoia is the English translation of the Greek word ‘euvoia’ and refers to the wellness of the mind. Equanimity which is the English translation for the Latin term ‘aequanimitas’ refers to inner balance, bliss, and fulfillment. These meanings in unison reflect the objective of Eunimity; which is to create a balanced state of wellbeing, in both mind and body.
In reference to the visual theme of Eunimity's logo, the blue emulates water, composure and balance. Eunimity resembles the ability to become compose in oneself, adaptable and imperturbable, a feature well demonstrated by water. The paint stripes exhibit a broken circle to symbolise the importance of unification.
Eunimity was started back 2018 by Jacob Ryan, myself, with aim to provide in-depth comprehensive content related to philosophy, psychology and wellbeing. Several years later, the organisation has accrued a significant following and begun to specialise in various products, from art, books and journals. The main impetus for Eunimity going toward will be to continue releasing helpful resources that are both unique and deeply invigorating within the domain of self-development.